Mila Kunis

#Photos. April 24 Mila and James Franco arrived in «Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures»to promote the upcoming film “Oz: The great and mighty” at Caesars Palace, LasVegas.

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#Photos. Scans from the magazine Entertainment Weekly, special issue.

#Photos. Mila left the gym, and then sent to a jewelry store, April 19.

#Events. Especially for you! 5 HQ quality press photos for The Late Late Show. The episode will be released on May 14.

#Photos. Milla was spotted with a drink from Starbucks in West Hollywood, April 18.

#Photos. April 18. Mila went to a nail salon, Los Angeles.

#Photos. April 18. Mila left the gym with her trainer, Los Angeles.


#NEWS. Mila Kunis denies rumors of a romance with Ashton Kutcher.

As soon as we rejoice at news of the affair between Ashton and Mila KunisKutcherom as an actress rushed to deny this information.

"They didn’t meet,” - said the representative of Mila. He added that  No dates have to Kunis Kutcher was not. At the furniture store and a sushi restaurant, wheresupposedly a couple was spotted star, in fact, were completely different people.

Ashton Kutcher, meanwhile, is the second time this week has been seen in publica mysterious blonde.

# Photos. April 15. Mila noticed at dinner in a restaurant with Ashton Kutcher a few days ago in Studio City. Photographer photographed these pictures told that they were chatting nicely and it looked more than a friendship.Also, many argue that after dinner, Mila went to Ashton’s home. Do you think this is a friendly meeting, or a new relationship emerged Mila? :)